Catherine Fraser is a leading influence in Scottish fiddling in Australia. After receiving a Bachelor of Music Teaching from Flinders Street School of Music, South Australia, she chose to focus on the music of her heritage, and has become highly regarded internationally as both a performer and teacher in the Scottish idiom. She is the Founder and Director of the Southern Hemisphere International School of Scottish Fiddle, held annually in New Zealand, and has tutored at multiple summer camps in the USA, including being Music Director of the Boston Harbor Scottish Fiddle School in 2013. Winner of the 2005 Open Fiddle Championship in Kirriemuir, Scotland, she was the first Australian invited to teach and perform at the Scots Fiddle Festival in Edinburgh, and along side pianist Duncan Smith, has toured extensively across the UK, Germany, USA, Japan, and New Zealand. In 2010 Catherine was awarded the Australasian Golden Fiddle Award for Best Soloist, and she continues to be in demand as a performer, and presenter at conferences and workshops internationally.